REDFORD Wealth Planning Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Redford Advanti International Limited and is a well-established independent financial services firm committed to provide comprehensive and professional financial services to all clients in Hong Kong, China, Japan and various market. We have well-established correspondent relationship with a number of international financial bodies and institutions, which are Standards & Poor credited "A" or above. With these connections with our affiliates, we are confidence in assisting our clients on all aspects of their financial needs.

We are independent ownership ensuring impartial service is given at all time. Within the group, each individual unit is completely focused on its own range of services, which able to provide an extensive range of services to clients wherever they may reside, either directly or through the affiliate relationships.

We believe every client has unique financial goal. As a pioneer in financial planning, we are glad to bring in a comprehensive financial analysing program in assisting our clients to identify their financial goals and collaborate the ideal portfolio to best suit their needs. Being a professional consultant, we are certain to give unbiased opinion, as your privileges will be our first priority.

With a long-term commitment to clients and our ability, we can help them on all aspects of their financial affairs as their circumstances change from time to time. With this emphasis on service the Group has become a market leader in the provision of financial services.

Your Best Choice of Wealth Planning - Whenever you need Wealth planning, REDFORD is your best companion.







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